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Which Planner Is Right For You?


The right planner for you depends on what you want to use it for.  

Do you want to keep it at home, on your desk, kitchen bench, or in your handbag? Do you want to keep track of appointments or manage your family's budget, shopping list, meal plan and more?  Do you want your planner to be functional, decorative or a little of both?

A5 Ring Planners 

The most popular size of planners.

Take inserts 148mm x 210mm

Pros: great size to write a lot, holds a lot of inserts, easy to move inserts around and change to suit your needs.

Cons: can be a bit cumbersome to fit in your handbag (although many people do). Rings can make the planner bulky. 

Personal Size Ring Planners

Fits inserts 95mm x 172mm 

Pros: great size to keep in your handbag. Perfect for managing a calendar and a few other items. 

Cons: pages can be a little on the small side to record a lot of information. Rings can make the planner bulky and the ring space can take up writing space.

Standard/Regular Traveller's Notebooks 

Travellers Notebooks are covers for "booklets". Each travellers notebook cover has strings inside which holds a number of booklets (usually 4 maximum).  The booklets can be changed up as needed, offering flexibility.

Fits standard inserts (11 x 21cm)

Pros: No wasted space taken up by rings.  Fits easily in your handbag.

Cons: Number of booklets you can fit in are limited by the number of strings. Not quite as flexible as a ring planner.