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It's time to start filling up your planner for 2019. We've compiled a list of key dates for Australian planners - you'll find everything from public holidays to school term dates and well-known charity days. 

You can browse our list below, or download this PDF version to refer to later.

Happy planning!



The month to set goals

1 January

New Year’s Day

7 January

Eastern Orthodox Christmas

9 January

Devonport Cup (TAS)

14 January

Clean Off Your Desk Day

14 January

Organise Your Home Day

14 January

Australian Open tennis begins

20 January

Penguin Awareness Day

23 January

Handwriting Day

26 January

Australia Day

27 January

Australian Open tennis finishes

28 January

Observance of Australia Day

29 January

Public School Term 1 begins (QLD, NSW, NT, SA, VIC)



The month to celebrate loved ones

2 February

Groundhog Day (US)

4 February

Thank Your Mailman Day

4 February

Public schools start Term 1 (WA)

4 February

World Cancer Day

5 February

Chinese New Year

5 February

Public schools start Term 1 (ACT)

6 February

Public schools start Term 1 (TAS)

9 February

National Pet Adoption Day

10 February

Grammy Awards

11 February

Regatta Day (TAS)

14 February

Valentine’s Day

14 February

National Wear Red Day

17 February

Random Act of Kindness Day

22 February

Single Tasking Day

24 February

The Oscars (US)

26 February

Clean Up Australia Day (Businesses)

27 February

Launceston Cup (TAS)

27 February

Teal Ribbon Day (Ovarian Cancer)

28 February

Last Day of Summer



The month to consider sacrifice and going without


1 March

Plan A Solo Vacation Day

1 March

First Day of Autumn

1 March

Youth and Schools Clean Up Australia Day

2 March

Sydney Mardi Gras Parade

3 March

Clean Up Australia Day

4 March

Labour Day (WA)

5 March

Shrove Tuesday

5 March

King Island Show (TAS)

8 March

International Women’s Day

11 March

8 Hours Day (TAS)

11 March

March Public Holiday (SA)

11 March

Canberra Day (ACT only)

11 March

Labour Day (VIC)

11 March

Commonwealth Day

15 March

National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence

17 March

St Patrick’s Day

20 March

Proposal Day

21 March

Harmony Day

22 March

National Ride2School Day

26 March

Purple Day (Epilepsy)

30 March

Earth Hour (8.30pm AEST)



The month for renewed spirit and energy

1 April

April Fool’s Day

2 April

World Autism Awareness Day

5 April

Public School Term 1 ends (QLD, VIC)

7 April

Daylight Saving Time ends (ACT, NSW, SA, TAS, VIC)

10 April

Sibling Day

12 April

Public School Term 1 Ends (ACT, NSW, NT, SA, TAS, WA)

12-24 April

Sydney Easter Show

19 April

Good Friday

21 April

Easter Sunday

22 April

Easter Monday

22 April

Earth Day

23? April

Shrove Tuesday

23 April

Public School Term 2 begins (QLD, NT, VIC)

25 April


28 April

Pay It Forward Day

29 April

Public School Term 2 begins (ACT, NSW, SA, TAS, WA)



The month to review your career/business health

3 May


3 May

Starlight Foundation Day

6 May

Labour Day (QLD)

6 May

May Day (NT)

12 May

Mother’s Day

17 May

National Walk Safely to School Day

18 May

Eurovision Song Contest final

19 May

Million Paws Walk

26 May

National Sorry Day

27 May

Reconciliation Day (ACT)

23 May

Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea Cancer Fundraiser

26 May

National Sorry Day

31 May

Last Day of Autumn



The month to get your finances in order

1 June

First Day of Winter

3 June

Western Australia Day

5 June

World Environment Day

8 June

Best Friend Day

10 June

The Queen’s birthday

22 June

Winter Solstice (Shortest Day)

28 June

Red Nose Day

28 June

Borroloola Show Day (NT)

28 June

Public School Term 2 ends (QLD, NT, VIC)

30 June

End of Financial Year



The month to start afresh with business goals

1 July

New financial year begins

5 July

Alice Springs Show Day (NT)

5 July

Public School End of Term 2 (ACT, NSW, SA, TAS, WA)

7 July

World Chocolate Day

8-15 July


12 July

Tennant Creek Show Day (NT)

13 July

Embrace Your Geekiness Day

15 July

Public School Term 3 begins (QLD, VIC)

17 July

World Emoji Day

19 July

Katherine Show Day (NT)

19 July

National Pyjama Day

22 July

Public School Term 3 begins (ACT, NSW, SA, TAS, WA)

23 July

Public School Term 3 begins (NT)

26 July

Darwin Show Day (NT)

26 July

Schools Tree Day (Planet Ark)

26 July

Crazy Hair Day (Cystic Fibrosis)



The month to aim for progress

1 August

Every horse’s birthday

2 August

Jeans for Genes Day

5 August

Picnic Day (NT)

9 August

Book Lover’s Day

14 August

Ekka Wednesday (QLD)

17-23 August

Book Week

19 August

RSPCS Cupcake Day

23 August

Daffodil Day

25 August


28 August

National Meals on Wheels Day

31 August

Last Day of Winter



The month to clean up and out

1 September

First Day of Spring

1 September

Gold Bow Day (Thyroid Cancer)

2 September

Father’s Day

6 September

Fight Procrastination Day

6 September

White Balloon Day (Bravehearts)

10 September

World Suicide Prevention Day

12 September

R U OK? Day

15 September

Sustainable House Day

19 September

Talk Like A Pirate Day

20 September

Public School Term 3 ends (QLD, VIC)

21 September

International Day of Peace

27 September

Grand Final Day

27 September

Public School Term 3 ends (ACT, NSW, NT, SA, TAS, WA)

30 September

Queen’s Birthday (WA)



The month to celebrate new beginnings

1 October

International Coffee Day

4 October

Burnie Show (TAS)

5 October

World Teacher’s Day

6 October

Daylight Saving Time Starts (ACT, NSW, SA, TAS, VIC)

7 October

Labour Day (ACT, NSW, SA)

7 October

Queen’s Birthday (QLD)

7 October

Public School Term 4 begins (VIC)

8 October

Public School Term 4 begins (QLD)

10 October

World Mental Health Day

10 October

Royal Launceston Show (TAS)

14 October

Public School Term 4 begins (ACT, NSW, NT, SA, TAS, WA)

15 October

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day

18 October

Flinders Island Show (TAS)

19 October

Loud Shirt Day (supporting deaf kids)

24 October

Royal Hobart Show (TAS)

25 October

Day for Daniel

31 October




The month to plan for end of year celebrations

2 November

Day of the Dead

4 November

Recreation Day (TAS)

5 November

Melbourne Cup Day

11 November

Remembrance Day

22 November

White Ribbon Day

29 November

Black Friday

29 November

Devonport Show (TAS)

30 November

Small Business Saturday/Shop Small

30 November

Last Day of Spring



The month to celebrate your achievements

1 December

First day of Summer

1 December

World Aids Day

2 December

Cyber Monday

3 December

International Day of People with a Disability

12 December

Public School Term 4 ends (NT)

13 December

Public School Term 4 ends (SA)

15 December

Public School Term 4 ends (QLD)

19 December

Public School Term 4 ends (ACT, TAS, WA)

20 December

Public School Term 4 ends (NSW, VIC)

22 December

Summer solstice (longest day)

24 December

Christmas Eve

25 December

Christmas Day

26 December

Boxing Day

26 December

Proclamation Day (SA)

31 December

New Year’s Eve


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