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  • Buying a planner under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

    Did you know that you may be able to claim the cost of a planner and other organisational stationery via the NDIS?

    Firstly you will need to discuss this with your case worker or support person, to determine whether using a planner will support the goals set out within your individual NDIS plan. 

    How you claim the cost of your planner depends on the way your involvement in the NDIS is managed.

    For those who are self-managed:

    1. Select your planner and complete the purchase via our website (www.plannerpeace.com).
    2. You will receive an order confirmation email (check your spam and junk mail for this if you can't find it easily) and you'll also receive a copy with your package in the mail. This can be used to claim funding from the NDIS.

    For those who are NDIS Plan-managed: 

    1. Send us an email at ndis@plannerpeace.com including the following details:
    NDIS participant name:
    NDIS participant number:
    Email address:
    Please confirm if you are happy to receive communications from Planner Peace (shipping confirmation, future special offers etc) Y/N
    Desired planner cover design:
    Timeframe for planner (January - December 2024 or July 2024 to June 2025)
    Additional products:
    Name of Plan Manager (if available):
    Plan Manager's email address:


    We will email an invoice to your Plan Manager and once it has been paid, we will send your planner out to you. Please note that we require remittance advice from your Plan Manager in order to process your order and failure to provide this will result in a delay in the shipping of your planner.

    How long will the process take?

    If you order your planner via the Planner Peace website there will be a one week processing timeframe before your planner is shipped. 

    If you order via our invoicing system and your Plan Manager is responsible for payment the process takes longer and it will generally be 2-3 weeks before your planner is shipped to you.


    What type of planner could I choose?

    To make it as easy as possible we have set up an NDIS Support Planner, which can be found here. This planner is A5 size, which is by far the most popular selection and provides access to our widest range of inserts.

    However, if you would prefer a different sized planner, or a different composition of inserts, there are many other options to choose from. Please note however that the NDIS support inserts are only available in A5. 

    If you work as a support worker within the NDIS system, the Disability Support Worker Bundle - NDIS DisabilIty Support Worker Planner by Planner Peace Australia


    Why set up a personal planner?

    Having a planner can assist a person with a disability and their families by:

    • Making it easier to set and achieve personal goals
    • Keeping track of important appointments and key dates
    • Providing prompts for medication, exercise and self-care activities, and
    • Encouraging mindfulness and creativity.

    Planning is also an activity enjoyed by many others and there are communities on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube which offer information and inspiration. 


    Are you having trouble choosing your planner?

    If you are having trouble choosing the components of your planner, or would like to ask some questions, please get in touch.

    You can:

    We also run a closed Facebook VIP Group for lovers of our brand, and anyone is welcome to join! You can find it at www.facebook.com/groups/plannerpeacevip

    People in this group enjoy sharing photos of their planners, sharing ideas and asking questions. 


    Providing feedback

    We have tried to make the NDIS Bundle Builder as easy as possible to use and as disability friendly as possible. If you have any suggestions as to how this might be improved, please email us at ndis@plannerpeace.com as we would love to hear from you!