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  • February 06, 2019 4 min read

    Welcome to Chasing Planner Peace's 'Spotlight on a Planner' series. We aim to show the world how planning has changed people's lives and showcase the different styles and methods people use when chasing planner peace.

    This month, February 2019, we chat to Denise Touzel, the owner of Luscious Labels.  

    Denise Touzel

    Please tell us a bit about yourself

    Hello! My name is Denise and I am a 40-something Nurse and fur mum to Pip the Planner Cat!

    I am based in the western suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria but grew up in South West Victoria.

    I have always been crafty and into card making, scrapbooking, quilting and several other crafts but now my life focuses on the planning world and I am loving incorporating my crafty skills into the planner world.

    How did you get into planning?

    As soon as I was given a school diary I have been using stickers and textas to decorate them and I still have those diaries to this day (hoarder much?) and they are fun to look back on.

    So you could say I have been into planning for most of my life but only discovered the current style in 2014 and it’s been a fabulous colourful ride ever since and I love creating products for others to use in their planners as well.

    I also started making planner stickers for myself to keep track of work related education and shifts and thought if I was looking for them maybe others were as well? And my store Luscious Labels was born then and there back in 2015.

    What products are you currently loving?

    I’m currently loving using the Planners Anonymous subscription boxes to decorate my planner and most recently my 2019 wall calendar. They allow for such creativity and versatility in a planner, wall calendar and card making and so they are perfect for me as I can cover many different crafting styles at once.

    I have also just discovered mini Happy Planners and the kikki.K B6 Ring planner so they are my planner line up for 2019. I hope that these smaller sizes work for me keeping track of my personal and business lives as the year progresses.

    I absolutely adore the kits from Pretty Sticker Co as Lauren has beautiful artwork and the quality of her stickers is stunning and I fangirl over all her products…lol

    I also have developed a love for shadow boxes to store my washi collection in as I can put them on the wall and they are out of the way but also a bit of ‘planner art’ in my office.

    What are your best tips and tricks for achieving planner peace?

    I am a huge believer in keeping things simple and basic to begin with until you settle into a style that works for you. This will change over time but if you have a solid foundation to your planning them you can build and expand on that in the future.

    My personal planning style has that simplistic undertone to it and now I feel comfortable to start testing the waters with more decorative items and having some fun with my pages.

    I now have the confidence to play with my craft stash in my planner e.g. using stamps and distress oxide inks to create backgrounds to layer my stickers on and also adding photos to my weeks where I have something photo worthy I want to remind myself of in the future.

    Have fun with your planner and experiment with all the things! And if it doesn’t work out you have next week to try again and again and again, because its only paper when you really look at it.

    And last but not least, find some planner people nearby and get together in real life and share your passion for planning. I have been hosting Planner Days for the past 2 yrs at my home and those that turn up really enjoy being amongst ‘their own kind’ and as adults it can be hard to make new friends and I can say some of the ladies that attend Planner Day have become wonderful new friends and just make life that extra bit enjoyable both on and offline.

    Luscious Labels

    About Luscious Labels

    Luscious Labels – Making you smile at the letterbox!


    Luscious Labels has developed into a part time career in the design and development of planner stickers proudly under the Luscious Labels name and planners worldwide are sharing in Denise’s passion for being organised to create more peace and harmony in their lives.

    Being a nurse, Denise also specialises in custom creations for those with health challenges of their own as she has an inside understanding to the type of information they might like to keep track of in their planners for themselves and treating healthcare professionals as well as making it appealing to the eye.

    Luscious Labels’ motto is “Making you smile at the Letterbox” and Denise strives for this with every order that is sent out.

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