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  • January 05, 2019 2 min read

    Welcome to Chasing Planner Peace’s 'Spotlight on a Planner' series. We aim to show the world how planning has changed people’s lives and showcase the different styles and methods people use when chasing planner peace.

    This month, January 2019, we chat to Jess Yasuda, the founder of Chasing Planner Peace.

    Jess Yasuda

    Please tell us a bit about yourself

    I live in Tasmania, Australia and have lived here my whole life.  I’m married to Keitaro (KT), and have three kids – Kai, Zita and Taro, and two cats – Ninja and Skye.  I love to read, watch movies and eat and drink good food and wine.  I’m a real homebody and my favourite thing to do is read a book in bed.   KT and I are hoping to take the kids to Japan next year, where his father lives part of the year.  

    How did you get into planning?

    I’m actually a very disorganised person!  After I had Zita, my second child, I really wanted to change that. Not just appointments, but somewhere to keep track of cleaning schedules, household finances, habit tracking, etc.  I’ve always loved beautiful stationery and this was an extension of that.  I bought a ring style planner from eBay and stumbled into the Planner Addicts Australia Facebook group.  From there it was a slippery slope into the world of stickers, inserts and multiple planners.  I never dreamed I would have an office filled with hundreds of planners and spend all day designing and printing inserts to send to other planner lovers.  I’ve made some wonderful friends through the planner community.

    What products are you currently loving?

    I am very excited about starting 2019 in the new Kikki K B6 planner. I love that this was designed by planner lovers and am interested to see how the size works for me.  I’m also loving my new pens from Muji which I picked up in Melbourne a few weeks ago.

    What are your best tips and tricks for achieving planner peace?

    Focus on functionality first.  Stickers and washi are a great creative outlet and can make our planners artistic and beautiful, but they can become overwhelming.  Also, be flexible – planner peace changes as your needs change.  What is “planner peace” at one stage of life might not work the following year.  For example, I used to love using weekly EC style inserts and decorating them with stickers each week.  Now I am using a functional daily layout and just writing a to-do list, appointments and dinner every day.  It works for me right now in this busy time of my life, but I look forward to when I can go back to a decorative style of planning perhaps in a few years.


    Business name:

    Owner of Chasing Planner Peace



    What do we find there? 

    Chasing Planner Peace is your home for beautiful and functional planners, inserts and stationery!

    written by Clio Simmons

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