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  • September 09, 2019 2 min read

    Welcome to Chasing Planner Peace's 'Spotlight on a Planner' series. We aim to show the world how planning has changed people's lives and showcase the different methods people use when chasing planner peace. This month, September 2019, we chat to Maddie Douglas about her approach to planning and her own planner accessories store, Little Tabby Co.

    Spotlight on a Planner September 2019 Maddie Douglas

    Please tell us a bit about yourself 

    Hey! I’m Maddie and I am a 23 year old self-confessed planner addict and cat lover. I run my own business called Little Tabby Co making planner accessories. When I’m not doing that I spend a lot of my time looking after my 6 fur children and making sure my forgetful fiancé is organised as well being a bit of a video game nerd and avid dungeons and dragons player. I consider myself to be a tad contradictory, as I love all things cute, pink and sparkly but also harbour a great love for all things spooky and scary.

    Bat charms Spotlight on a Planner Little Tabby Co September 2019


    How did you get into planning? 

    I’ve always used a planner but around 3 or so years ago I ran a group for people who liked Lush (the bath products) and a friend showed me these Lush stickers by Fox and Cactus and basically it went from there. I joined a few planner groups bought my first planner, became obsessed and fell in love with the community. I’ve made some of my closest friends in the planner community and am glad I found it. As someone who is on the autism spectrum, planning has really helped me keep my life in order as well as fuelling my need to collect pretty things! 


    Stripey planner bow clip Spotlight on a Planner Little Tabby Co September 2019


    What products are you currently loving?

    Currently I am really loving my B6 Traveller's Notebook and fountain pens! I am really enjoying playing with different inks and trialling different planning styles. 


    Fluffy planner bow Little Tabby Co Spotlight on a Planner September 2019


    What are your best tips for achieving planner peace?

    For me at least I think Planner Peace comes when you find a style that works for you both functionally and aesthetically. The right balance between the two is important so you go back to it every day because you love the way it looks and because it helps keep you organised!


     Little Tabby Co from Spotlight on a Planner September 2019

    About Little Taby Co.

    Little Tabby Co - Etsy store

    Little Tabby Co specialises in planner accessories with the main focus being bows and all things cute (though I am a sucker for spooky) I like to have something for just about every planner to help jazz it up and make it pretty. Plus some functional cuties like pen loops to keep them on hand.


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