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  • August 11, 2019 2 min read


    Welcome to Chasing Planner Peace's 'Spotlight on a Planner' series. We aim to show the world how planning has changed people's lives and showcase the different methods people use when chasing planner peace. This month, August 2019, we chat to Renee Manly from The Moxie Foxie about her love of planning and her own planner accessories store.

    Renee Dawson from the Foxy Moxie Spotlight articles August 2019


    Please tell us a bit about yourself 

    Hi, I'm Renee. I am a stay at home mother of 3 boys aged 13, 6 and 2 years (2 of which have special needs) and have a husband who works away most of the time, leaving me in charge of all the craziness. This is the reason I couldn't live without my planner and lists. We have so many appointments and events for me to keep track of that I would never get to anything if I didn't write them down. My home life is what enforces my planning addiction, but my love for creating is what has encouraged me to make planners such a substantial part of my life. Well that, and being surrounded by boys (my planner is my pretty place).  

    How did you get into planning? 

    I have been a long time planner, being raised that each job for the day should be written in a “To do” list and crossed off when completed to ensure being kept on task. Over the years I went back and forth from using scraps of paper and cheap organisers from leading stores. My love of crafting and need to stay organised (being a Mum to 3 boys) eventually had me stumble on the decorative planner community and my love affair really began!

     Renee Dawson Spotlight article planner image 1

    What products are you currently loving?

    Oh gosh this question could have me going on forever! I use a variety of planners but I collect Large Kikki.Ks and anything Mumsy and Bub. Our family planner is an LBD (Leanne Baker) Thrive which lives in our entryway which I mainly decorate with stickers from Posh Designs and Lady B Creations. In my other planners I use lots of stickers from Statice Paper Co, Beehaven Designz, Labelled with Love Co and anything I can find that has foxes on it.


     Renee Dawson Spotlight article planner pic 2 

    What are your best tips for achieving planner peace?

    My biggest tip for finding planner peace? Visiting local planner markets and planner meets so that you can view in person different styles of planning and different products available. 


    About The Moxie Foxie


    The Moxie Foxie is a planner accessories store which started as a platform where store owner Renee could combine her love of crafting with her need for life organisation. The store started out on Etsy selling mostly felt bow planner clips in collections to match the Leanne Baker Planners, but as it heads towards celebrating their 1st birthday they are expanding to their own stand alone website store, where they will be offering over 40 colours in bow clips (with more styles being added each month), layered cardstock fox clips, flower felt clips and swags, while continuing to offer their LBD planner bow collections.


    The Moxie Foxie logo


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