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  • March 14, 2020 4 min read

    Welcome to Chasing Planner Peace's 'Spotlight on a Planner' series. We aim to show the world how planning has changed lives and showcase the different methods people use when chasing planner peace. This month, March 2020, we chat to Frankie Taylor from the Sunshine Coast in QLD and find out how she squeezes planning time into her busy life!

    Spotlight on a Planner Frankie Taylor March 2020 

    Tell us a bit about yourself 

    I am a 43 years young, a single Mum to two beautiful children who are both behaviour kiddies. My eldest daughter is 12 in June is ADHD, PTSD.  My little man who is 5 in May has ADHD, ODD and ASD. I was diagnosed with full blown early menopause last year. Life never slows down here... I forget a lot of things. I also work at a special school as a casual Teacher's Aide, which I love doing. I started to forget when the rent was due... Now I have a sticker to remind me and I write down the receipt number.

    I also have a habit sticker which I use for my HRT patches as I change them once a week, it reminds me when I need to change it also when to order my next box of HRT. All my life I have always had a diary... even though I had a diary last year I would still forget to fill it in.  As my daughter started high school and my son started prep and we are always having appointments, it became very important for me to have a working diary. 

     Spotlight on a Planner Frankie Taylor March 2020  planner 1

     Spotlight on a Planner Frankie Taylor March 2020  planner 2



    How did you get into planning?

    I can blame Jess for this LOL!!!!  It's been great getting into planning, it is my time for me where I allow myself that special time to do something for FRANKIE, something that makes me happy and that is planning.
    I saw on Facebook on New Year's Eve a book to record all of my AfterPays… Then I saw that Jess has a subscription box which I decided to purchase. I use a Kikki.K 2020 diary, however, I also have a planner that I purchased from Chasing Planner Peace. I only started in January this year and so far I really enjoy it. 
    People say "Oh you don't need a diary, just use the computer"! My reply is "Have you seen my computer skills with a Calendar on the laptop?" You will understand that we just don't work well and I enjoy writing things down... so I will keep using a book with paper and dates.
       Spotlight on a Planner Frankie Taylor March 2020  planner 3
    Spotlight on a Planner Frankie Taylor March 2020  planner 4

    What products are you currently loving?

    OMG, the products that I currently loving, there are soooooo many of them. Since I purchased my first subscription box from Jess, there was a list of products and companies where she had purchased our items from. So I went onto their Instagram and found other pages that they followed, which opened my eyes and world.

    I use stickers to say when I am working, when we go to the doctors, the dentist, when I have to pay for AfterPay, ZipPay, when I have a DD coming out for my power and phone. I use stickers to remind me of meetings at my children's schools, birthdays... plus the stickers just make my diary look wicked. I have also done a page up for St Patrick's day and Easter Sunday, and the next page I am planning is Mother's Day.

    It's so fun and it's a wonderful result. I LOVE bright stickers....not so much pastel or uniform colours - I love things that are so bright they hit me in the face.


     Spotlight on a Planner Frankie Taylor March 2020  planner 5
    Spotlight on a Planner Frankie Taylor March 2020  planner 6

    What are your best tips for achieving planner peace?

      I sometimes work on my planner when my children are in bed, sometimes in front of the TV or on a weekend when my son has gone out with his father for three hours - that is my time for my date with my planner and diary. 

      I have set up in my planner a section for myself - which I haven't really started on. Plus I have a section that has all the details regarding information from the kiddies' school.  I do need to purchase a new planner to separate them, maybe then I can try and focus on myself... no promises though.

      The companies I have used for my stickers are SOOOOOO many: Peppermint Planner, Lady B Creations, La Belle, Fox & Cactus, Plan It Beautiful, Nati Planning, PMD Planning, Supernova Stickers, Moby & Co, Planner Goddess Studio, Hazel Rose Creative, Lilly + Lion, Vintage Planner Studio and Blush Budgie.  Please don't think that planning has an age limit as it doesn't - anyone can start up their own diary or planner.


      Spotlight on a Planner Frankie Taylor March 2020  planner 7


       Spotlight on a Planner Frankie Taylor March 2020 Planner pic 8

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