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  • February 12, 2020 3 min read

    Welcome to Chasing Planner Peace's 'Spotlight on a Planner' series. We aim to show the world how planning has changed lives and showcase the different methods people use when chasing planner peace. This month, February 2020, we chat to Nicki from Riverland SA and find out why you can never have too many planners!

     Spotlight on a Planner Nicki from SA February 2020 

    Tell us a bit about yourself 

    My name is Nicki and I live in country South Australia with my husband, son and ratbag dog Bear. I work as a Financial Counsellor four days a week whilst studying accounting and juggling the bookwork for my self-employed husband's business.

    I'm a homebody who loves wearing PJs any opportunity I get and enjoy spending my spare time reading, shopping and ironing!

     Spotlight on a Planner Nicki February 2020 Planners 1


    How did you get into planning?
    With life getting busier and so much happening, I was getting overwhelmed. I was missing important events and deadlines due to being so disorganised. 
    I'd write things down but the calendar at home didn't help me at work, the endless scraps of paper and sticky note system weren't working and I've lost count of the amount of diaries I'd purchased and decided a month later I didn't like the setup so stopped using it.
    Then a miracle happened - I stumbled across Chasing Planner Peace via a Facebook group and it was like they had read my mind, they had inserts for everything!! I've never looked back.
    Spotlight on a Planner Nicki February 2020 Planners 2
    Spotlight on a Planner Nicki February 2020 Planners 3
    What products are you currently loving?
    A new year is the perfect opportunity to try something new and I've been having fun setting up the four (yes four!!) planners I use. My planners are colour coded for different topics making it easy to grab the relevant one for the day ahead.
    I purchase all my inserts from Chasing Planner Peace as I love the quality, range and amazing customer service.
    I use a Kikki.K A5 yellow planner and the CPP study bundle. It's really well set out and I love that I was able to customise parts of it to make it relevant to me.
    My work planner is the beautiful A5 Feather Dreams planner and matches my pale pink work theme perfectly. I use the daily productivity planner inserts and alternate with a notes page giving me the ability to record appointments, reminder and case note entries.
    My life is kept in an A5 Colour Crush Black Floral Planner which I received for Christmas. I use the CPP week on one page with list inserts for personal appointments and the monthly inserts for quick reference of what's coming up. I also use the self care and gratitude inserts in this planner too, as I often overlook the good things that happen.
    I use the pink zip around personal planner for finances, again from CPP, along with the zip pockets which have replaced my paper cash envelopes. Using the cash envelope systems keeps me accountable for my spending and this setup is really functional.
    I am a massive fan of all the finance inserts that Chasing Planner Peace have available and often recommend them to clients.
    Finally, although not a massive sticker user, I can't go past Lime and Mortar - I love her mini icons for reminders of when bills are due.


     Spotlight on a Planner Nicki February 2020 Planners 3
    Spotlight on a Planner Nicki February 2020 Planners 4      
    What are your best tips for achieving planner peace?
      1. Do what works for you, you don't have to spend lots of money to achieve planner peace! Whilst sticker kits and washi provide endless decorating options, I keep my planners basic and only use icon stickers occasionally.
      2. Buy small quantities of inserts to try things out, I love that Chasing Planner Peace has this option. I try different inserts to see what works best and then purchase larger quantities. Think outside the box, dot grid paper may become your best friend - it's very versatile.
      3. There is no such thing as too many planners, as long as you use them. I currently use the four above religiously and am about to add the business planner bundle into the mix.
      4. Buy, swap and sell planner groups and destash pages are a great way to ask questions, look for ideas and pick up bargains if you are on a tight budget.



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