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  • December 09, 2019 2 min read 3 Comments

    Welcome to Chasing Planner Peace's 'Spotlight on a Planner' series. We aim to show the world how planning has changed lives and showcase the different methods people use when chasing planner peace. This month, December 2019, we chat to Katie Ferrett and view her remarkably creative planner layouts.


    Spotlight on a Planner featuring Katie Ferrett

    Tell us a bit about yourself 

    Hi there, I’m Katie. I’m a mum to 4 beautiful kids - 3 girls and one boy. Tarlia is 12 and very smart and growing into a young woman too fast. Isaac is 3 and I must say I thought terrible 2s were bad lol. Let’s just say three is just as crazy, he’s my little man. Vienna she is 2 in February (Valentine’s Day). She’s a very quiet little princess until you make her cranky lol. Last but not least, Delilah - she is now 5 months old and the biggest boobie monster ever.

    I am a full blown plannerholic. I fell down the rabbit hole really fast and am not planning on climbing out anytime soon. I love reading and planning, and also have just started to do some gardening (Thanks Woollies haha). I have BPD, PTSD, anxiety and depression, so keeping busy with planning/crafting keeps me sane-ish.

    I have a big love for animals; we own 3 dogs, a cat, a bird and numerous amounts of fish. I have a saying that is well known and I follow it daily: “Treat others how you want to be treated." It helps you get through life that bit easier.


    Katie Ferrett Spotlight on a Planner December 2019 planner layout

    Katie Ferrett Spotlight on a Planner December 2019 planner layout 2


    How did you get into planning?

    Wow this one is a good one. I have a beautiful friend that showed me her beautiful A5 rings planner - it was absolutely stunning. I thought: I need a planner in my life, with 3 kids at the time and a bubba on the way life gets hectic.

    So my friend told me about the amazing Chasing Planner Peace. 1 planner, 2 planners, 3 planners, 4 planners (you get the picture) later, I was in heaven. Then came the stickers - WOWWW that’s where I fell down that rabbit hole quickly. I now own a range of A5 rings, B6 TNs, Happy Planners. I own so many haha.

     Katie Ferrett Spotlight on a Planner December 2019 planner dashboard

     Katie Ferrett Spotlight on a Planner December 2019 Accessories


    What products are you currently loving?

    I am currently loving getting creative, making my own stickers, using digital clip art to make my own TN dashboards. I have found my creative side and am saving myself money by not buying as much (haha, who am I kidding - I’m still buying, lol). I am also loving making my own sticker books/albums with normal cards and discs.

     Katie Ferrett Spotlight on a Planner December 2019 Planner cover

    Katie Ferrett Spotlight on a Planner December 2019 Covers


    What are your best tips for achieving planner peace?

      My best tips would be don’t go spending a fortune on stickers and planners in one go, take your time trying out different planners to find what suits your style of planning. Save yourself some money and buy from destash pages until you find what style of planner you are.

      My Instagram page is @katies_planning please feel free to check it out and follow me.


      Katie Ferrett Spotlight on a Planner December 2019 Planner Space


          3 Responses


          July 20, 2020

          love your planners mum


          December 16, 2019

          Your planners are amazeballs! I love TN dashboards you create and your plannering space is AWESOMESAUCE! Love your work Katie!

          Melanie Ainscough
          Melanie Ainscough

          December 11, 2019

          Oh yay! The rabbit hole… she runs deep! Haha. Great to see the lovely Katie featured this month 💜

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